Rhode Islanders Accidentally Got Tax Refunds Signed By Mickey Mouse

Some people in Rhode Island got tax refund checks signed by Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney. Instead of the signatures of state officials, these citizens got random celebrities instead. CNN reports that 176 of these checks were sent out and they are the result of a technical glitch inside the Rhode Island Department of Revenue. Their office tests fake cheques with the funny signatures during those periods, but some actually made it out and residents aren’t quite as charmed. The Dept. of Revenue is now reporting that they will send out checks with the real signatures now that the error has been discovered. Jade Borgenson is the chief of staff for the office and told CNN about the mixup.

She said, “Mickey and Walt's invalid signature lines were accidentally sourced from the Division of Taxation's test print files.”

“The division is continuing to proactively contact impacted taxpayers to remedy the error, and apologizes for any inconvenience the error may have caused,” Borgeson continued.

In other Disney news, Disney Parks head Josh D’Amaro is monitoring the situation on the ground at Walt Disney World in Orlando where visitors are still piling in despite spiking COVID-19 cases in Florida. On the day of the reopening, he said he was proud of the company’s approach to this crisis and preached adapting to the new normal.

“We are in a new normal right now, so what's happening outside of the gates of Walt Disney World is our new world,” D’Amaro told CNBC. “I think you know we were one of the first theme parks to close, and we'll be about the last to open. And we spent every minute of every day thinking about how to operate in this new normal that we're in.”


“I’m exceptionally proud of this group in terms of what they've put together from a protocol perspective and being able to open in a phased and really responsible way,” he continued. “I had a chance to walk Main Street just a few minutes ago. It feels really good in the park. So yeah, the world is a different place, but we feel really prepared to operate in this new environment that we're in.”

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