Universal Studios Hollywood Returning to Full Capacity Later This Month

Nearly two months to the date Universal Studios Hollywood reopened with a minimal crowd cap, the resort will soon return to full capacity. As COVID-related numbers have started to dwindle significantly, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced it will return to full capacity on Tuesday, June 15th. As such, the company revealed Tuesday it plans to hire upwards of 2,000 employees to help with the expanded customer base.

Those 2,000 jobs will include full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions across a variety of departments including attractions, entertainment, guest relations, park services, wardrobe, retail, parking, and food. Outside of the park, Universal is also opening additional jobs in finance, marketing, human resources, engineering, and environmental health as part of the expansion.

After shutting down last spring, the resort reopened this April — April 16th, to be exact — with a 25-percent capacity limit.

"We have been looking forward to this moment for over a year and are incredibly thrilled to reopen our theme park today," Karen Irwin, President & COO, Universal Studios Hollywood, shared in a statement announcing the locale's reopening in April. "There is certainly lots to celebrate and we are overjoyed to return team members to work and welcome guests back to enjoy a Universal Studios Hollywood experience that is better than ever."

Universal Studios Hollywood includes attractions such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and Jurassic World-The Ride, the newest attraction to be added to the park.


"Breaking new ground with highly complex innovations, this fully-articulated lifelike Indominus injects intense new thrills, excitement, and intrigue to the already dynamic ride," the park described. "Spanning nearly 55 feet horizontally from head to tail and over 22 feet vertically, the Indominus' imposing presence will be amplified by the fluidity of her motions and synchronized movements that deliver an unprecedented level of authenticity. From the subtle blinking of her eyes, the flexing of her arms and claws and clenching of her jaw as she bears her razor-sharp teeth, the colossal Indominus rex will lunge from her hillside setting, stalking guests just before they descend the giant waterfall drop to escape her grasp."

Cover photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images