Director Reveals Medusa, Black Bolt Real Villains of Marvel's Inhumans

When audiences tune in for The Inhumans this fall, they may think they know exactly who the villain is. They're probably going to be wrong.

Marvel fans are used to Maximus the Mad being the stereotypical villain in the comics: jealous of his brother Black Bolt, displeased with his rule, Maximus doesn't exactly sit down and have a chat with his brother over tea when they disagree. And while we already know from actor Iwan Rheon's comments that his take on Maximus will be more vulnerable and empathetic, director Roel Reiné is weighing in on who the real villains of the show will be.

Brace yourself, Marvel fans. Reiné tells Movie Pilot that it's Black Bolt and Medusa, not Maximus, that are the real villains of The Inhumans. Reiné explains that the show's central conflict is inequality which turns the hero/villain concept on its head.

"Black Bolt and Medusa are on the wrong side and Maximus is on the right side of reason," Reiné said. The only thing is his means to get there are a little bit more radical and extreme. In the end, his path is a righteous path, which makes his character very interesting."

It's an interesting perspective on the dynamics of the characters. In the comics, members of the Inhumans race find their station in society dictated by what abilities they receive after undergoing Terrigenesis. Weaker Inhumans or those with particular abilities find themselves near the bottom of society, while those with other abilities make it to the top. It's a rigid hierarchy with no room for any Inhuman to change their place in the caste system.

Reiné, who added that the show wouldn't shy away from the "political side of things" on the show, didn't elaborate on how the Inhumans hierarchy system would be shown on the series. However, if what he says about Maximus having a righteous path is true, viewers might just see the Mad Inhuman as an underdog champion for the little people in some capacity.

The Inhumans debuts on IMAX on September 1st, followed by its ABC premiere on September 29th.

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