New 'Punisher' Promo Teases Blood, Fire, And Betrayal

The latest Marvel series should be debuting on Netflix in the very near future, and now we’re learning more and more about Frank Castle’s one man war on crime.

A new promo posted to Instagram page for Marvel’s The Punisher features the title character taking a stroll down memory lane. Check out the embedded video captured by a fan on Twitter below!

The Punisher appears to be haunted by the ghosts of his past in this video, as actor Jon Bernthal observes many different memories of some explosive and violent times.

The first part focuses on Frank’s family, all of whom were tragically murdered after a gang shootout caused by a botched criminal investigation.

The second part of the clip shows scenes from his time in the military, in which he was rumored to be involved with a covert operation that might have something to do with his current troubles.

The third part shows Frank back in New York, spending his days as the vigilante nicknamed the Punisher.

All of these three eras are intrinsically linked in the new series, leading Frank to unravel a brand new conspiracy stretching back to his days served. It’s unclear at this point just how much the character’s past will inform the future, but the promos for the series make it pretty clear that Frank’s history will play a huge part.

In Daredevil Season Two, The Punisher discovered that his old commanding officer became a drug dealer in New York City called the Blacksmith. And though the police botched a sting that resulted in his family being killed, it might not have been the case of a simple coincidence.

By that series’ end, Frank discovered a CD with the words “Micro” written on it, and we know the classic Marvel character will be appearing in the series as portrayed by actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

But what role will that character play in the series and what does he have to do with Frank Castle’s past before he became the brutal vigilante cleaning up the streets of New York?

We’ll find out when The Punisher finally drops on Netflix.

The PunisherSunday at on Netflix

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