Artist Trav B Ryan Reveals What Black Panther Would Sound Like as a Rapper

Have you ever wondered what the Black Panther would sound like if he was a rapper? It turns out Trav B Ryan has the answer.

Trav B Ryan is a Hip Hop artist and songwriter who works with DConey's All or Nothing, and in addition, he also happens to be a huge superhero fanatic. He's since paired those skills to create some amazing songs from the point of view of multiple superheroes from both Marvel and DC, including some that should definitely be considered for the upcoming Black Panther soundtrack.

His first track features lyrics like "I ain't no Tarzan no, this ain't no Savage Land no, I am a Black man yeah, protect my homeland yeah, and I'm never gonna quit no I'm never gonna quit tell that to Man Ape yeah, short dude with a claw trying to rip me off what I look like a band-aid yeah."

The second track features a Black Panther that's having a bit more fun, including a fantastic Vin Diesel line.

"Vibranium is in my claws, in my cuticles, you can never dance in my circle, ain't no hula hoop, I could run the whole damn world if I wanted to, that would still be your damn girl if she wanted you, I just built a spaceship, zipping through the stars, call me Vin Diesel when I'm flippin over cars."

You can view Trav B Ryan's Black Panther tracks above, but he's got much more to see on his official YouTube page. You can also find his work on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

Other recent tracks include If The Batman Who Laughs Was A Rapper, Far Far Away (A Star Wars Theme Song), Start It Up (If The Dawnbreaker Was A Rapper), and a fantastic diss battle between Superman and Goku.

The beats were created by George Gatewood III, and you can find more of his work on his official website. You can find more from DConey on his YouTube page.

The official Black Panther soundtrack will be helmed by Kendrick Lamar, but if he needs more tracks Trav B Ryan seems more than up to the task.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16, 2018.

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