'Deadpool 2' Releases Golden Girls Thank You Video

Deadpool 2 is now the number one movie at the box office, and the team behind the film is celebrating that achievement in the way that only Deadpool can: with a funny little video that frames the sequel as an episode of The Golden Girls!

The iconic tune of "Thank You For Being A Friend" plays over footage from Deadpool 2, as the various characters of Deadpool's X-Force team (Deadpool, Domino, Cable... and Dopinder) are displayed in the vein of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia, while using their real characters names (Wade Wilson, Neena Thurman, Nathan Summers... and Dopinder), which is a nice touch.

As stated, this is the sort of thing that is right up Deadpool's alley, and will play well with fans of the franchise. After all: who doesn't love The Golden Girls?

Deadpool 2 shot out of the gate with $363M in worldwide box office returns during its first week of release, including scoring a few big milestones for R-rated movie earnings. Aside from some fun X-Men movie character debuts (Zazie Beetz' Domino), and a couple fun appearances by X-Men movie icons (like Juggernaut and the current X-Men movie actors), fans have been buzzing about the big A-List celebrity cameos from the likes of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. Meanwhile, fans are still digging through the treasure trove of Easter eggs in the film, finding more and more fun jokes and pop-culture references. If you're interested, take a look at this complete list of Deadpool 2 Easter eggs that we've found so far.

Also making headlines has been all the discussion of some of the more crazy ideas that the cast and crew threw into the mix (including even wilder ideas for that now-infamous post-credits sequence), or some of the bigger X-Men comic book elements they wanted to add, but had to cut due to studio constraints. Needless to say, the Deadpool 2 director's cut we're already hearing about is going to be a fun little deep-dive for hardcore fans of the franchise.


As for the future of Deadpool: it seems like Deadpool 3 isn't a guaranteed thing, but that X-Force movie looks closer than ever. Depending on what happens with the 20th Century Fox and Disney deal, Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool could be one of the only things imported over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool 2 is now in theaters. The X-Men movie universe will continue when X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens February 14, 2019, followed by The New Mutants on August 2, 2019.