'Iron Fist': Danger Awaits in Thrilling New Season 2 Trailer

Ever since the first footage from Iron Fist Season 2 was released at San Diego Comic-Con, fans have raved that the new installment looks much better than the first. After seeing this next trailer, that notion has certainly been confirmed.

Thursday morning, Netflix released a thrilling, full-length promo for Iron Fist, and it is everything we've ever wanted the show to be. You can check out all of the new footage in the video above!

The trailer focuses a lot on the relationship between Danny and Davos, who continue their ridiculous rivalry. It's made clear that Davos is seeking to take the power of the Iron Fist and use it for himself, which actually happens at one point in the trailer. Danny also gets to don the classic Iron Fist mask for a hot minute about halfway through.

Another exciting addition to the new trailer is the slew of scenes featuring Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, a.k.a. The Daughters of the Dragon. This team-up has become one of the most formidable in the Marvel Netflix universe, and it's certainly exciting to watch them both in action.

If you pay close attention, there may even be a sighting of Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary in the trailer. In one scene, Danny is attacked by a mysterious stranger at a subway station. The villain is dressed in a black hoodie, never revealing their face, but it's clear that they've got red hair. This could be the classic Marvel villain coming to life, taking on Danny head-to-head.


What do you think of the new Iron Fist trailer? Are you excited for Season 2 to arrive? Let us know by dropping a line in the comments below!

All episodes of Iron Fist Season 2 are set to drop on Netflix on Sept. 7. The entire first season is currently available for streaming.