Marvel Appoints New Avengers Team Leader

Not only has Marvel's newest Avengers series brought some all-new members to the team, but the Earth's mightiest heroes have officially voted on a new leader, and it may not be who you expected.

WARNING: Spoilers for Avengers #8 ahead! Continue at your own risk...

In this week's new issue of Avengers, which is written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ed McGuinness, the team takes residency in its new base, the hallowed-out insides of a dead Celestial on the North Pole. Now that the dust has settled from the battle with these Celestials, the Avengers are re-establishing their priorities and getting their new base of operations together. Of course, with so many massive personalities on the team, and a new direction on the horizon, the Avengers need to appoint an official leader to get them moving forward.

Unlike in past iterations, there was no fight or power struggle between mainstays like Iron Man and Captain America. In fact, no one had a single disagreement when it came to choosing a leader. The entire team (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider) came to a unanimous decision. Everyone voted Wakanda's King T'Challa, the Black Panther, as the head of the Avengers.

The original trio of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man informed Black Panther of the decision, and he was surprised, if not a bit hesitant to hear of the news.

avengers black panther leader
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"I am indeed honored, gentlemen," T'Challa told them. "But I must ask...have you truly thought through the ramifications of such an appointment? Having Earth's mightiest heroes under the leadership of the King of Wakanda will not prove a popular move in many corners of the globe. Most especially in the halls of Washington D.C."

While the other Avengers agree that it may not be the popular choice with other people, they don't really seem to care. The trio makes it very clear that T'Challa has their full support, and the entire team believes in his leadership.

That was apparently all Black Panther needed to hear in order to accept the call. On the very next page, he approaches the meeting table and utters two iconic words to his team: "Avengers assemble!"

avengers black panther assemble
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

What do you think of the choice to appoint Black Panther as the new leader of the Avengers? Let us know in the comments!

Avengers #8, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ed McGuinness, is on sale now, both online and at your local comic shop.