Rosario Dawson May Be Done With Netflix's Marvel Universe

Rosario Dawson has played a major role in Netflix's Marvel Universe since her very first appearance in Daredevil's first season, but it sounds like her time as Claire Temple may have come to an end.

During an appearance at the 2018 Tribeca TV festival on Saturday (via IndieWire), Dawson told a panel audience about her experiences on Daredevil, Defenders, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage and admitted that she doesn't know if she -- or her character -- will return. It's that question mark that she said led to her having some input on her final scene.

"I felt really grateful because Cheo Hodari Coker was the showrunner, and it was kind of looking like, at least for that season, who knows if I'll come back again?" Dawson said. "This was looking like it was going to be a big final scene for Claire, and it was really a culmination of three years and being on five different shows."

The scene Dawson is referring to comes in Luke Cage's second season. In the third episode, "Wig Out," sees Claire and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) break up, but according to Dawson the scene was originally tipped more towards Luke's side of things and she pushed to make it more balanced.

"When the scene was first written, to be honest, it was a little bit more written on his side and his storyline and that kind of stuff," she said. "And I approached Cheo and had the audacity of adding some lines and rewriting some stuff and asked him if that could work."

The idea of Dawson not returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't a new one. She said at MCM Comic Con in London back in May that she didn't know if she would be back after the second season of Luke Cage, but while she noted at that time that she'd be open to return, this time she sounded a little more final about things -- specifically the one show she didn't appear on.


"The Punisher was always the one I really loved -- I couldn't believe I wasn't on that one," Dawson said.

Second seasons of Iron Fist and Luke Cage are both now streaming on Netflix. Daredevil will return for its third season on October 19th.