Spider-Man: Far From Home Featurette Reveals Details Behind All the Different Suits

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now set to be a major attraction for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, after the film's premiere screening had critics gushing. Indeed, some are already claiming that Far From Home is hands-down the best Spider-Man movie ever, with plenty of nods that will make comic book fans happy.

If nothing else, Spider-Man: Far From Home is poised to be the Spider-Man movie with the most costume changes. As previews for the film have already revealed, Peter Parker will don four different Spider-Man suits over the course of Far From Home's story - and this new featurette gives us a better breakdown on what each suit will offer!

The video is hosted by Spider-Man star Tom Holland, who takes us a through a quick rundown of how the four suits each fit into the story, and function. Peter will apparently start off in the Iron Spider suit, which makes sense, as that's the costume he was last seen using in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. However, Peter will at some point go back to the Spider-Man: Homecoming suit, which Holland understandably says is 'near and dear' to his heart.

The majority of the screen time is dedicated to explaining Peter's new black "Stealth Suit," which is given to him by Nick Fury. As has been revealed, the primary purpose of the Stealth Suit is to help disguise Spider-Man as some generic other hero, so that no one begins to connect that the Web-Head is appearing in Europe at the same time that Peter Parker just so happens to be in the area. So Far, there's been nothing particularly novel about the Stealth Suit's functions that's been revealed - so we'll just have to wait and see if Fury gives Peter any SHIELD spy tech to really enhance this suit.


Last but not least, we get a preview of the new black-and-red suit that will make its debut in Far From Home, as well. We've seen that Peter will be the one to design his black-and-red suit, supposedly when he's ready to truly step up and be the Spider-Man the world needs, during Far From Home's finale. This new featurette makes it very clear that Peter creates the costume as a tribute to the late Tony Stark / Iron Man, which is about as good a justification for a new Spider-Man costume as any.

In the end, these new Spider-Man suits are just a gimmicky novelty, but it sounds like Far From Home will have the actual substance to make them worthwhile. That'll do nicely to help the film's merchandising take.