New Spider-Man: Far From Home TV Spot Reveals All the Different Suits

The latest TV Spot for Spider-Man: Far From Home is out, and it is not at all shy about showing off all of the new costumes Spider-Man will don in his latest adventure. Take a look at the new TV Spot above, and get the breakdown of the new suits, below!

In case you're wondering, here's the breakdown of the four Spider-Man costumes that will be featured in Spider-Man: Far From Home:

"Original Suit" - The "training wheels" costume that Peter Parker got from Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming returns in Far From Home.

"New Suit" - The Iron Spider armor that Tony developed for Peter made its official debut in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, and will be featured in the opening segment of Far From Home.

"Newer Suit" - While on assignment for Nick Fury and SHIELD over in Europe, Peter is given a "Stealth Suit" that Spider-Man fans will recognize from the comics. It's meant to conceal the fact that Spider-Man is active in Europe at the same time Peter Parker is traveling there.

"Newest Suit" - It looks like part of Far From Home's character arc will be Peter having to re-commit to his life and identity as Spider-Man, despite longing for a normal high school existence. Part of that re-commitment will see Peter creating a new Spider-Man suit for himself - the one with the red and black color scheme.


At this point, the Homecoming franchise is throwing Spider-Man suits at fans like they were Iron Man armors, which is a both a bad and good thing. On the one hand, giving Spider-Man some different looks is always a novelty that fans enjoy (and it doesn't hurt the merchandising profits, either). On the other hand, though, Spider-Man's costume has traditionally been closely attached to the character - as have changes and advancements in said costume.

Homecoming made an entire sub-plot over Peter having to truly earn the "Training Wheels costume" that Tony designed for him, with the powerful theme that if Peter couldn't be Spider-Man without the suit, he didn't deserve it. Peter getting the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War was a moment that signified the character's evolution from street-level hero to being an official Avenger, fighting on a whole other level. We hope that Far From Home adds similar weight to the decisions to debut the Stealth Suit and Red-and-Black Spidey Suit, instead of the costumes being used as cheap novelties to perk up the crowd.