Could Blade Be Marvel Studios' First Rated-R Film?

When it comes to Disney, fans don’t often think of rated-R drama. In fact, the company has done its best to remove itself from any situation that could be construed as too adult, but that has all started to shift as of late. After all, Disney has the whole of the Marvel Studios under its belt, and it seems the opportunity has come for the company to pursue its own R-rated venture.

After all, Blade is about to join the MCU, and fans are thinking it will be the perfect window for Marvel Studios to go rated R.

For those unaware, San Diego Comic-Con held its famed Saturday Hall H panel earlier today, and it went big with Marvel Studios. It was there Kevin Feige went out to tell the world Blade is coming into the MCU. However, this has opened up conversation about whether the universe is ready for go rated R.

After all, Blade does lend itself to a rated R flick. For those unaware, the comic series tells the story of Blade who is known as a Daywalker vampire. Able to walk in the day, Blade dedicates his life to slaying demonic forces threatening to tear the world apart, so you can see where the the gore would come in.

It is also important to note the CEO of Disney has talked about the chances of Marvel Studios undertaking a R-rated movie. According to a previous investor’s meeting with Disney executives, it was there Bob Iger said the company would definitely consider such a project.

“There may be an opportunity for an R-rated Marvel brand as long as we let audiences know what’s coming,” Iger told the executives.


While Iger said that in relationship to Deadpool, Marvel Studios would surely do the same for Blade. Still, there is a bit of a risk factor. Deadpool made a name for itself as a rated-R franchise before it came to Disney, so there is less risk involved with doing the same for a sequel under Disney. An original R-rated attempt at Blade is a bit riskier, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe brand is all but impenetrable now. If there was a time to pursue such a film, fans are sure Blade marks that time.

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