'Agents of SHIELD' Star J. August Richards Knows Marvel Studios Probably Has a Plan for Deathlok

Last week, a rumor hit the Internet that Marvel Studios was looking to bring the comics character, Deathlok, into the movie fold. However, the character already exists on Agents of SHIELD and has been played by J. August Richards, the actor best known for his long run as Charles Gunn on Angel, since the show's first season. Since the Deathlok news broke, the actor has been vocal about wanting to step back into the role on the big screen. In fact, he spoke to ComicBook.com about his campaign to keep the role, and how he's aware that Marvel Studios could very well have ideas in place.

"When you signed on to play Deathlok, were you signed with Marvel Television?," Adam Barnhardt of ComicBook asked. "Is there anything in there that says, 'Hey, you're signed on TV but you might be in a movie?'"

"I didn't even read it. I was given the bullet points by my agent and manager at the time. I honestly have no idea. Obviously, as I pointed out in the tweet that I sent, there isn't really that much precedent for the actors from television to go to the movies," Richards explained.

"Obviously, I would really love to do it but at the same time, I'm really conscious of the fact that in order for Marvel to create that universe that they do in the movies, that there must be so much planning, and it's so well-thought out, right?," he added.

"For us to get all the way to Endgame, and have all of those movies fall right into line with what we're about to see this month. I'm very clear on the fact that, they're going to do what is best for their creation and I'm so okay with that. But obviously, I'd love to play the part but hey, if they introduce a new Deathlok, hey, welcome to the family. Hey, we all Deathlok, and that's one. So that's where I am with it at this point," Richards concluded.

While Agents of SHIELD fans are hoping to see Richards continue the role, it certainly will depend on the context of the film. For example, if the character shows up in the Black Widow movie, which expected to be a prequel, it might take place before Richards' character, Mike Peterson, became Deathlok on the Marvel series. However, if the character is given his own standalone movie that takes place after Avengers: Endgame, there is no reason not to consider Richards for the role.

Would you like to see Richards continue to play Deathlok? Tell us in the comments!

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC for the sixth season on May 10th.


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