Agents of SHIELD Season 4 NYCC Panel & Footage Description

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD came to New York Comic-Con 2016 and was, of course, a maor attraction. [...]

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 NYCC 2016 Panel

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD came to New York Comic-Con 2016 and was, of course, a maor attraction. In addition to the usual star-studded panel and teases of what's to come in season 4, we wll also get to see the next episode of the show!

Stay tuned for live updates and a description of the footage we saw!

Panel: Gabriel Luna / Chloe Bennet / Clark Gregg / Jeph Loeb (Moderator)

Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb came out ot warm up the crowd, getting them to chant "Coulson!" "Quake!" "Ghost Rider!" by seating section. After that, he geniunely thanks the crew and fans who have kept the show running through its turbulent beginnings. After that celebration, it was time to bring out the cast!

First was Ghost Rider himself, Gabriel Luna, followed by Skye/Daisy/Quake Chloe Bennet, and then Coulson (Clark Gregg)! The crowd, of course, went wild.

THe panel started off with Luna describing the Ghost Rider headpiece he has to wear before the visual F/X kick in. Bennet and Clark Gregg teased him for how silly it looks; Luna admitted that it originally had skulls on it and looked cool... but eventually they scaled it down to something less cool. There is apparently a bib component that Gregg joked makes lunchtime on set much easier.

Gregg continued joking about bringing Luna onboard as Ghost Rider, saying "I saw the movies... I was nervous about it..." One fan yelled "He's back where he belongs!" to which Gregg responded "You need to settle down." He goes on to describe how they were nervious during filming - until they saw the finished product. He praised the "amazing, charismatic character" that Luna built, but seeing the visual F/X finished sealed the deal.

Bennet was up next, talking about the evolution of her character. "A different name for each season," she joked. She described starting off the season filming all alone in her van, until Luna came along to give her something to do. She described the dark place Skye is in right now - which of course led to a breakdown of her character's bad dating choices (psycopaths, Inhumans, octopus monsters). She described filming the first fight scene with Ghost Rider, and how awesome it was (the fans agreed).

Clark Gregg talked about where Coulson is this season, now being replaced as director of SHIELD by Jeffery Mace (Jason O'Mara), who we now know used to be the Marvel superhero know as The Patriot. He talked about how exciting it is to break into something a little... "Strange." He asked the crowd if they knew about that little movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, to which Bennet replied, "I'm a Cumberbitch!"


  • Question 1 started with a flowery praise for Clark Gregg - which Gregg joked he paid her to say. However her question was for Chloe Bennet: will Skye and Ghost Rider hook up? (Bennet played that down) - but then she asked if Skye and COULSON will hook up, and the audience felt awkward. Bennet handled it like a pro, saying she and Gregg is a real-life mentor to her - but not like that. Gregg joked that Coulson is technically dead, so there's that. He said that Ghost Rider is the one you'd swipe to meet on Tinder.
  • Question 2 was about when AoS will pay attention to the events of the Netflix MCU in NYC. Loeb said, "Stay tuned."
  • Question 3 was about how the tone changes, season to season. Bennet said that now it's darker and fresher as a result; Gregg added that the new timeslot allows for it. He also pointed out how much the team members have each lost, and the new world after the Sakovia accords. Luna added that Ghost Rider brings the scarier horror element to the show.
  • Loeb talked about having to pay attention to development on Marvel's Iron Fist, and that the AoS cast memeber at NYCC went wild: He then revealed that they went on the NYCC in disguise! They showed a video of the cast in disguise interviewing people on the floor - it was hilarious! Some people praised the very people they were talking to; others slammed the show to their faces! But when the masks came off, fans naturally lost their minds!

Next, we got to see season 4 episode 3! Check back for a footage description after the screening!