New Agents of SHIELD Final Season Teaser Released

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is returning for season 7 soon - and now we know the premiere date is May 27th. In addition to the new Agents of SHIELD season 7 premiere date, and a first look at the season 7 poster, Marvel has also released a first teaser for the new Agents of SHIELD storyline, and it is quite a tantalizing little teaser, indeed. If you missed out on the season 6 finale (which was easy to do), Phil Coulson died yet another death (his third?) only to get yet another resurrection - this time as Marvel-brand Life Model Decoy android, given a major alien upgrade.

So how does Coulson's Agents of SHIELD team react to seeing their mentor back in machine form? You can get your first hint of that in the new Agents of SHIELD season 7 teaser below:

On the one hand, it's hard to imagine Agents of SHIELD without Clark Gregg, so it's good to see him back for this final season. On the other hand, the show has pretty much worn out its welcome with the Coulson resurrection stories. It mattered after The Avengers, when Coulson returning from the dead had the potential to be a major pivotal event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, after so many opportunities to have Coulson reconnect with The Avengers, the door closed for good when half the MCU got dusted and then resurrected during Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Since Agents of SHIELD didn't even bother to acknowledge the events of those films, the gap between AoS and the larger MCU is pretty much insurmountable. So, Coulson's latest comeback is basically just a novelty for the show.

Agents of SHIELD showrunner Jed Whedon has boasted that the final season will go out with a bang - as well as indulging in some of the cast and crew's ideas of what fun is:

“There are some bonkers episodes [coming]... some of our most purely entertaining episodes, and we hope people enjoy them as much as we did. We definitely swung for the fences.”


With the MCU set to launch its new slate of Disney+ series - which are all tied directly into the events of the movies - Agents of SHIELD is getting this final season in just under the wire. But as a trailblazer for MCU TV, it deserves a good final run.

Agents of SHIELD season 7 premieres on May 27th.