Could 'Avengers 4' Bring Back Killmonger?

Heading into Avengers 4 next summer, it's been pretty well established amongst fans that the Infinity War sequel will likely include some element of time travel, as a way to reset the actions of Thanos and bring back the heroes that were killed earlier this summer. However, this action also has the potential to bring back some of Marvel's biggest villains.

Everyone is looking to characters like Loki and Hela to return from the dead when the Avengers inevitably alter the timeline, but they may not be alone. What if the events of Avengers 4 alter the fate of King T'Challa's rival, and resurrect the villainous Killmonger?

Look, I understand that there isn't much evidence in the actual movies that this would happen. After all, his story ended in just about the most perfect way imaginable. But given the talent of Michael B. Jordan, and what he brought to Black Panther, it's totally within reason to think Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios would want to bring him back for one or two more sequels.

Think about it, Killmonger was instantly one of the most popular villains in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that was after just one movie. He brought out both the best and worst in Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther. That's not something that can just be recreated.

Earlier this year, there were some rumors floating around online that Michael B. Jordan was being eyed for a return in the upcoming Black Panther sequel. Of course, given that Killmonger died at the end of the first film, these rumors were quickly dismissed. Then again, where there's smoke, there's fire, right? Maybe there was a tiny bit of truth hidden in there somewhere, and there is more of Killmonger's story to be told.

How could this happen? Well, let's assume that the Avenvers gain the ability to travel through time in the new movie. If that's the case, and their mission is to eventually defeat Thanos, they would need every ounce of firepower they could get their hands on. Well, now the Avengers have knowledge of the most powerful substance on the planet, and one that they could have used to take down Thanos at the wormhole in 2012.

Of course, I'm talking about Vibranium.

No one knew about the location of Wakanda, or of the stockpile of Vibranium hidden underneath it, until T'Challa opened the country at the end of Black Panther. Think about what the Avengers could do had they had access to Vibranium weapons when they first fought Thanos' forces. This is where it all comes together, I promise.

The Avengers could travel back to 1992, when Klaw attacked Wakanda to steal Vibranium with the help of Killmonger's father. What if Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were able to alter this moment in history, either by robbing Klaw of the Vibranium after he stole it, or working with Killmonger's father to attain it? This would change so much about the current Marvel timeline.

First and foremost, it would give the Avengers the weapons they need, thus achieving their mission. However, this action could also have long-lasting affects on the Black Panther characters. Say the Avengers communicate with T'Chaka and convince him of what's to come, forming a bond with Wakanda nearly three decades before Infinity War. Or they simply help protect N'Jobu and his young son after they get access to Vibranium. The Avengers using Vibranium would help accomplish his mission of using the technology to aid the rest of the world, and a friendship with these heroes would keep his family alive. The partnership would help out both parties, and alter the future for Killmonger.

If this were the case, Killmonger could still be alive in this alternate future, though he'd be a vastly different character. He might still end up becoming a villain, that remains to be seen, but he'd definitely approach his cousin's throne much differently than he did in Black Panther, giving us the chance to see the two face off once again in the future.


What do you think of this Avengers 4 theory? Would you like to see Killmonger return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments!

Avengers 4 is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019.