Mondo Announces Avengers: Endgame Vinyl Release

It's almost been a full year since Avengers: Endgame debuted in theaters, completely shattering fans' expectations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The three-hour epic pulled on audiences' heartstrings in a multitude of ways -- and now they will be able to experience it in a whole new way. Mondo recently took to Twitter to tease that they will be releasing Endgame's soundtrack on vinyl, with a look at what the finished product will look like. The teaser art, which you can see below, shows the older version of Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) sitting on a bench during the film's final sequence.

While a release date and further details surrounding the vinyl were not provided, this is good news for anyone who is hoping to experience Alan Silvestri's score in a whole new way. The fact that "Old Man Cap" might be featured on the album art is also a pleasant surprise, especially considering the technical work that went into bringing that sequence to life.

"For this one with Chris, we had a very long period of look development where we tried lots of different ages and styles of aging," Lola VFX's Trent Claus previously told of that scene. "One problem we run into a lot with aging is that everybody has their own idea of what happens to you when you age based on your own experience, what happens to your own face, and what happened to your parents' faces, and things like that. If you get a room full of six or seven people, they might all have a different idea of what aging should look like. So it's harder to pin down a look, whereas with de-aging, you've got a reference You've got an exact image of what you're aiming for. Here it's a lot more subjective."

"In the end, the look that we came up with that was approved by the filmmakers didn't get approved for several months after filming was done," Claus added. "So, unfortunately, the makeup that we had applied to the face around the eyes, forehead, and nose, and things like that no longer matched the approved look, so we had to digitally remove that makeup, and then re-create it entirely after the fact. The makeup that you saw in the photo that we kept is the neck and the wig, and then everything on the face that you see on screen is digital."


Will you be checking out Avengers: Endgame's soundtrack release on vinyl? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!