Marvel Fan Re-Writes WWII History With 'Avengers: Infinity War' Wakanda Invasion Scene

Avengers: Infinity War has spawned an entire series of memes - many of which are arguably going to go down as classics. One such meme has struck fans' funnybones in a major way, as it uses some clever labeling and a whole lot of of World War II knowledge in order to transform Avengers: Infinity War's "Battle of Wakanda" sequence into a full-on history lesson!

Check out that video, below

World War II, starring the Avengers from r/thanosdidnothingwrong

As stated, there's actually a LOT of WWII history and trivia packed into this video. For a small sampling:

  • The Maginot Line - Frances attempt to build a massive line of fortifications offered a false sense of security that the Germans eventually circumvented. That's equated to Bruce Banner heading out into battle wearing the Hulkbuster Armor.
  • The fall of Poland - depicted as Winter Soldier being overrun by the German blitzkrieg, with support cut off.
  • Allied Forces - depicted by Captain America and Black Panther's back-to-back fight defense.
  • Czechoslovakia - is War Machine's heavy shelling assault, which is blindsided by a German invasion, represented by the Black Order.
  • Dunkirk - now that so many people know more about that harrowing campaign of war, Black Panther being surrounded and mauled by The Outriders should be an easy reference
  • Pearl Harbor - Captain America being ambushed and overrun is another easy association to make.
  • The Fall of France - That Hulkbuster Armor couldn't hold up forever...
  • USSR - Thor's arrival provides the metaphor for when the USSR showed up in WWII and decisively turned the tide in favor of the Allies. The blaring music is garish, but we get a very quick but thorough rundown of the Soviet campaigns during the war. Rocket and Groot being the Red Army is just icing on the cake.

The biggest twist in this whole video is how the maker actually twists things on their head to make this a celebration of the Soviet Union and its contributions to winning The Battle of Berlin and WWII as a whole. It's such a far cry from where we are today, with Russia's presence still looming so darkly over America - but then that's history. Yesterday's allies are today's enemies, and vice versa. It may be a controversial angle to take, but as stated, it's also a very accurate look at history.


Did you love the mix of real history and Marvel fantasy in this video? Let us know in the comments!

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