Did Chris Hemsworth Just Hint He's Not Done With Thor After 'Avengers 4'?

These days, it is hard to say what is certain in the world of the MCU. In the wake of Avengers: [...]

These days, it is hard to say what is certain in the world of the MCU. In the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, the entire universe has been upturned thanks to Thanos, and it will fall on the original Avengers to right their world. Many fans have started wondering if those OG heroes will survive the trials awaiting them in Avengers 4, but there is a chance Thor will make it through alright.

After all, Chris Hemsworth just gave fans hope that he will live to see another movie as Thor Odinson.

Over on Instagram, the Aussie actor got the Marvel fandom buzzing after sharing a short thank you message. Hemsworth took to social media to thank everyone for making Avengers: Infinity War a box office beast, and it was there he dropped a super-sly hint regarding his heroic future.

"It was the biggest superhero film opening ever," the actor said. "The film continues to smash records left right and center and, I've said it before and I'll say it again — it's all thanks to you guys."

Continuing, Hemsworth dropped a small hint about the future of the MCU and how he may fit into it.

"Thank you so much, everyone who continues to support these characters and the Marvel Universe," he said before adding, "We're going to keep trying to crank them out for you, if you let us."

We, huh? Well, that would make it sound like Hemsworth has some business to see through with the MCU, and fans are thinking it might go down after Avengers 4 settles next year.

Of course, there is no solid confirmation on Hemsworth's future with the MCU at this point. The end of Avengers: Infinity War did see Thor alive, but he'd seen better days. With his brother and best friend dead, the king of Asgard is on a hellbent path towards revenge, and Thor said himself he has nothing to lose should he fall to Thanos. There's a real possibility the MCU may use Avengers 4 to wipe its original Avengers lineup to make room for what's ahead. However, fans of Thor admit they want more of Hemsworth in the roll after the hero found its stride in Thor: Ragnarok last year. So, here is to hoping Hemsworth gets to suit up as the God of Thunder at least one more time.

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