'Avengers: Infinity War' Joke Tied Back to Benedict Cumberbatch Comedy Skit for 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Fans got to see their favorite Marvel superheroes interact on screen for the first time in [...]

Fans got to see their favorite Marvel superheroes interact on screen for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War, and one of the best pairings occurred between Iron Man and Doctor Strange.

The two characters traded barbs and quips at a rapid pace, including one hilarious insult where Tony Stark asks the Sorcerer Supreme, "What is your job exactly, besides making balloon animals?" That might have seemed like a patented Iron Man zinger, but in truth it actually referenced star Benedict Cumberbatch's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While promoting the Doctor Strange movie, Jimmy Kimmel set up a skit with Cumberbatch where he performed as a magician at a kids' party. During the segment, Doctor Strange was relegated to using his magic for parlor tricks, including making balloon animals.

Of course, nothing is off limits for Tony Stark, who did some Deadpool-esque fourth-wall breaking to get his jabs in on Doctor Strange. And with Robert Downey Jr. involved, we wouldn't be surprised to learn that the specific line was ad-libbed on the set and not written in the script.

We might not get any more life out of that team up, unfortunately, as the end of Avengers: Infinity War saw Thanos wipe out half of all life from existence — including Doctor Strange.

Some fans might have been confused about where Doctor Strange actually hid the Time Stone when he was fighting Thanos, seemingly retrieving it out of thin air. The film directors and writers spoke about this instance on the commentary track, which was included in the home video edition of the film.

"We should also do a shout-out," screenwriter Christopher Markus said. "It's one of the storyboard guys, but hiding the stone in the stars, I don't know whose it was."

"It was Darrin [Delinger], I believe," co-director Joe Russo said.

"Yeah, I can't remember if that came out of storyboards or visual effects, but I don't know," co-director Anthony Russo said. "But I love it, and have been delighted by it for a long time now."

Fans will get to see how Doctor Strange's dangerous gambit to save the universe will pan out next year when Avengers 4 premieres in theaters.

Avengers: Infinity War is now available on digital HD, and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Aug. 14.

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