'Avengers: Infinity War' Directors Clarify Location of Thanos' Farm

It's been several months since Avengers: Infinity War's release, but fans still have many questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe film. While many of those questions involve the uses of the Infinity Stones, how Thanos beat the hulk, and if Loki is really and truly dead, there's another enduring question that pops up from time to time: where was Thanos' farm located?

During Collider's recent screening and Q&A for Infinity War, the Russo Brothers were asked that very question and Joe Russo had an answer that is both specific and mysterious in the same turn for where Thanos' farm actually is -- and it's not on Titan.

"No, I think that, I'm not sure why...oh, you know what? We'd always just refer to whatever planet he's on as Titan 2, you know, and I think they probably just didn't put the 2 in there as he found a new home," Russo said.

The fan's question about the farm location stemmed from a piece of concept art that artist Pete Thompson released after Infinity War's release which featured Thanos' peaceful farm. The piece was entitled "Titan Thanos farm", something that led fans to speculate as to how Thanos could be retired to Titan since the last we saw of it, Titan was a mess of devastation while the farm was a lush, peaceful world. Some assumed that the green nature of the farm in the art meant that Thanos had used the Infinity Gauntlet to restore Titan or, possibly, that it might even be a confirmation of time travel in the upcoming Avengers 4.

Now, it seems like both of those ideas are largely off the table, but the location of Thanos' farm doesn't diminish the impact of the scene. Anthony Russo told Uproxx back in May that Thanos retiring to the farm was symbolic of the Mad Titan putting his armor down like a holy warrior having completed his mission.

"He's like a holy warrior," Anthony said. "Once he puts his armor down in that movie he becomes like a holy warrior and this is his resting place for him. He says in the film he's just going to sit and watch the sunrise."

"He accomplished his mission," added Joe.

The directors also shed some light on another scene fans have had questions about -- the one in which Thanos sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone. It ended up being a pivotal moment in the film -- and for Thanos himself.

"It was really when, the point where we decided that the movie was Thanos' movie, we needed the lowest moment of the film to belong to him, so that's when we started to develop the Soul Stone story. How could we create pain? How could we dimensionalize him so he went on this journey during the film," Joe said.

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Avengers 4 opens in theaters May 3, 2019.