Benedict Cumberbatch Admits Doctor Strange Footage Stunned Him

Later this year, Marvel Studios is going to venture into an undiscovered realm of their cinematic [...]


Later this year, Marvel Studios is going to venture into an undiscovered realm of their cinematic universe: magic. After all, Doctor Strange will usher in a new age of mystical superpowers which leave even Tony Stark baffled. But, apparently, Iron Man isn't the only person surprised by Doctor Strange's gifts. It seems Benedict Cumberbatch was also stunned to see the man's magic come to life on-screen.

Just last month, an new trailer for Doctor Strange premiered at San Diego Comic Con that left the British actor bewildered. Benedict told Empire how he felt seeing the footage for the first time, saying, "Some bits made me think, 'Wow. God. That's what I'm part of.'"

The actor went on explain just why he was surprised. "You have conceptual art that they show you, but you only really realise what you're part of at the end of the process," he said. "That's not to say I didn't enjoy the effects while we were shooting, because a lot of them were real elements, whether it was sets that make a room miniscule, or the costume designs."

Of course, fans have known for awhile that Doctor Strange would feature some mind-bending CGI. Most, however, didn't expect the film's Inception-esque footage which showed New York's skyline folding in on itself as if it were in a kaleidoscope. And, if that scene weren't enough, fans were also amazed by the clip that found Stephen Strange kneeling before The Ancient One as she forcibly pushed his aura out of his body. According to fans, the two scenes helped them score their expectations for the film, no doubt setting a very high bar.

Luckily, Benedict seems confident the film will meet fans' expectations. Having been drawn to the film himself, the actor said Doctor Strange's script is what piqued his interest at first. "The lure as an actor is the script, the director, Kevin [Feige], and talking about how to make a character written in the '60s and '70s relevant now," he said.

And, what's more, Benedict believes Stephen Strange is a hero who fans can relate to. If you look past all his hocus-pocus, that is. Even though the hero has the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto, the actor doesn't think Strange's most powerful weapon rests in incantations. Instead, it comes from Strange's stubborn refusal to given in.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actor said Strange "reaches the very bottom and then more. You think, How much more can this guy take? He's broken, he gets up again, he's broken — and that's really what makes him a superhero. A lot of people have asked me, 'What makes him a superhero?' That's really the answer I should have given."

So, unsurprisingly, Benedict was excited that Strange got his own 'Superhero Moment' in the film. Much like how Superman tears through button-downs to reveal his iconic costume, Doctor Strange is known for flaunting off his billowing red cape. Benedict was lucky enough to show off the hero's get-up, and he said he's glad the Comic-Con crowd loved Strange's look too. When Marvel released their new trailer, fans went nuts once they saw Doctor Strange appear in his famous costume. "It was wonderful to see that moment get a cheer," he said. "He's really earned it by then."

Doctor Strange is slated to appear in theaters later this year on November 4th.