'Black Panther' Has Already Set A Superhero Movie Record At Alamo Drafthouse

A popular theater chain recently revealed that Black Panther has set a ticket presale record ahead [...]

A popular theater chain recently revealed that Black Panther has set a ticket presale record ahead of its premiere in two weeks, beating every recent comic book movie over the last year.

The restaurant/bar/movie theater Alamo Drafthouse has Black Panther tracking more than every other Marvel Studios or DC Films release from last year, and is using those ticket sales to make community donations in each theater's market.

As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, the closest film with advanced ticket sales numbers to Black Panther is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which only had 72% of what Black Panther's sales are at right now. Wonder Woman sits behind in second place at 59% of ticket sales for Black Panther, while Justice League has 58%.

Alamo Drafthouse is also using ticket sales to boost the Black Panther Charity Drive, giving purchasers the option to tack on $1, $3, or $5 donations onto the price of admissions. The money goes to community groups in the markets of each individual theater, adding a local incentive to the donation.

With the world premiere taking place on Monday, those who were lucky enough to see the movie are already raving about it as one of the best new Marvel Studios movies.

That buzz will likely lend a boost to early tracking numbers, with industry estimates pegging Black Panther's opening weekend to make something between $100 to $120 million.

One of the common aspects of the film being praised is Michael B. Jordan's portrayal of the movie's villain, Erik Killmonger. Jordan is reteaming with director Ryan Coogler on their third production together, having previously worked on Fruitvale Station and Creed.

"I'm a geek, I love this world," Jordan said during our Black Panther set visit. "I love being able to play in that fantastic kind of space, I looked at it kind of like it's another shot and to get it right, to do it again. And especially with the team [cinematographer Rachel Morrison] again and Ryan, it's just a very, very comfortable space for me. So it was the perfect space for me to take another risk like this, so it was no hesitation on that part."

Black Panther premieres February 16th.