Jimmy Kimmel Drops Black Widow Spoiler That Leaves Rachel Weisz Shook

The Black Widow cast has begun making the rounds on the promotional tour, with David Harbour appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week and Rachel Weisz joining the late night talk show on Wednesday night. The Harbour interview saw Kimmel being funny and pretending as though he was trying to prevent a spoiler for Spider-Man: No Way Home slipping out (continuing his joke that he is playing Kraven the Hunter, a role which went to Aaron Taylor-Johnson). The chat with Weisz, however, saw Kimmel dropping what might have been a spoiler for the Black Widow movie, especially if Weisz's reaction is any indication: he said her Marvel character's last name.

"Our first guest tonight is an Oscar winner who is about to leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe," Kimmel said to introduce Weisz via Zoom. "She plays Meelina Vostokoff in Black Widow." When Weisz joined the show, she pointed out that she believes Kimmel may have said too much.

"I think we are prohibited from saying Melina's second name," Weisz said. "I think it's a Marvel Cinematic Universe secret...But, oh well, you've done it now." Kimmel quickly reverted back to his Kraven the Hunter joke, the same one he rolled out on social media when Spider-Man: No Way Home secrets seemed to be spilling out into the public. You can watch the full interview on YouTube.

Melina Vostokoff is a character from the pages of Marvel Comics who takes on the role of Iron Maiden further down the road in her stories. Iron Maiden is a character which spawns from Melina being forced to live in the shadow of Natasha Romanoff's famous Black Widow. She develops a deep hatred for the character and becomes a freelance assassin, one who is ultimately sent by Damon Dran to kill the Black Widow. She has had encounters, in comics, with Jimmy Woo and other Marvel names which fans have been introduced to the movies and TV shows.


Black Widow takes place in the time between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, when many of the Avengers were forced to go on the run after violating the Sokovia Accords. Natasha not only had authorities searching for her but also had several of her Avengers pals angry with her at the time as she betrayed Iron Man's team to help Captain America and his pals escape Germany. In the new movie, Natasha returns to Russia and meets up with her family. Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, and David Harbour all join the MCU as characters with strong ties to Natasha and her past.

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