Marvel's Avengers Game Explains Black Widow Movie Moment

The Black Widow movie has a big head scratcher moment when Natasha is apparently skydiving with no parachute but the Marvel’s Avengers game might’ve spoiled what’s next. Since haven’t been getting new Black Widow content, we’re all left with the months old trailers, and the footage which shows Natasha skydiving with no apparent destination -- other than the ground. However, if you’ve played Marvel’s Avengers, the answer might be clear and she is simply hitching a ride on the back of her enemy.

At the end of the Black Widow trailers, we see Natasha falling through the sky as some sort of giant structure is also crashing down around her. What is this giant structure and how did it get so high in the sky? Your guess is as good as mine. But in the playing Marvel’s Avengers, there’s a clear "AH-HAH!" moment which might reveal what Natasha is doing in the movie.

In Marvel’s Avengers, Black Widow jumps right off of the Golden Gate Bridge as though it were a cliff on Vormir but she doesn’t go crashing down into the water. She catches on to Taskmaster who is fighting her and her super pals, zipping through the air with a jetpack, and safely fighting him to the ground on the bridge.

In the Black Widow movie, we know Natasha isn’t going to die because this is set before the events of Avengers: Infinity War, where she appears very much alive. So, she’s probably headed down through the sky to latch on to Taskmasker, fight him or her through the air, and maybe even make an effort to try to catch Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova. Something tells me Yelena is also crashing through the sky and Natasha desperately needs to save her first family -- who knows if it’s going to work out though, because where was Yelena during Infinity War? A video for another time.

We’ve already seen Taskmaster hit some dance moves previously performed by MCU characters like Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Captain America. A jetpack would put the villain right in line with Iron Man, and would also support the theory that photographic reflexes are the result of leftover Stark Tech being found by the villain and inserted into the Taskmaster suit. We already made that video.


Do you think Natasha is skydiving onto Taskmaster’s back? Are you ready to jump to any conclusions? Are we diving to deep here? Drop your thoughts in the comments or send them my way on Instagram.

Black Widow is currently scheduled to hit theaters on November 6.