Petition to Bring Back Iron Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe Close to 50,000 Signatures

Petitions are becoming the new favorite way for fans of big franchises to express their views and opinions en masse, and Marvel's Avengers: Endgame has certainly inspired a few of its own. One of the most recent ones has been a petition started by Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, calling for Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man to make a return - and it is quickly gaining steam!

As of writing this, the "BRING TONY STARK BACK TO LIFE #savetonystark #TonyStark" petition over at is headed toward 50,000 signatures!

The exact count of signatures right now is 46,371 - though it should be noted that the petition was launched a month ago, so it hasn't exactly been a runaway train, as far as petitions go. Started by Méline LOISEAU, here is the stated objective of the petition:

"MCU's Tony deserves to come back fully alive. Tony Stark was always ready to risk his life, suffer, and sacrifice himself for anyone, without ever receiving anything in return. Since the beginning, since he was a kid. He can never be happy, and when he finally got what he always wanted, and deserved, his wife, his daughter, his family.. he died. He didn't deserve this and it's not fair, after everything he's been through, and done for everyone, he deserves to live and see his daughter grow up.

He has helped so many people (in the mcu and in our world), he has helped people to live (including me) to overcome their problems, to accept themselves, to face life. He's so important. He saved our lives and it's our turn to save him.

We love him so much. We love him 3000. Without him, now, we are totally lost. For many people, he was their reason to live and hold on in life.

#TonyStark #AvengeTonyStark #SAVETONYSTARK #BringBackTonyStark #BringTonyStarkBack"

It's still unclear whether or not all of these fan petitions are an endearing expression of collective passion, or a sad show of toxic fandom and over entitlement. To be fair, the ideas aren't mutually exclusive, and it could be a little of both, in most cases. All we can say for sure is that these petitions are definitely becoming a trend, as they're attached to every major pop-culture media event in recent memory. Whether it is a remake of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a redo of Game of Thrones season 8, or yes, a reversal of the definitive events of Avengers: Endgame, fans seem to want it their way, more and more.

As for Tony Stark: there are already hints that we'll a bit more of RDJ in the MCU; in fact many fans expect to see him pop up for a key cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home. This being the Marvel Universe, there's always the possibility for Tony Stark's resurrection at some time, in some form, so never say never - and maybe chill on the petition for it.

Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel are now in theaters. Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2nd. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is slated for release in 2021.