Captain America Is Still Avengers Leader at Heart in 'Infinity War'

Though Avengers: Infinity War will pick up where Captain America: Civil War tore the Avengers apart, the star-spangled hero will still be the leader of the pack.

Speaking to members of the press on set of Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America actor Chris Evans and Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson opened up the series of events which brought them together for this day on set. As their characters exited a Quinjet in Wakanda with a serious warning message for the Black Panther and his people, Captain America was leading the way.

"I think he's still a leader at heart," Evans said. "I just don't know if he necessarily has the same chain of command that he had in prior films."

Still, this group of heroes doing battle in Wakanda might not officially be a team just yet. The Sokovia Accords left the team fractured, which gives Thanos a major advantage over his new enemies. "I don't know if I would necessarily say that this is a group of Avengers just circumstances have dictated that people come together," Evans said. "I think intrinsically Cap is a leader but since there is no technical Avengers structure..."

The cast members were eager to dodge spoiling anything. "I think that's safe to say," Johansson added to Evans' sentiments.

"Between the events of Civil War and now, Steve and Natasha have been together," Johansson said. "That's how we imagine it. They've been, sort of, flying under the radar but still taking care of business in the way that they know how to do and I think when we find them in this film, as it was explained to us by Joe and Anthony, they're just a well-oiled machine. They have a seamless communication between them. But they're more hardened, I think."

As it turns out, working underground for about two years is enough to form Captain America and Black Widow into even more impressive heroes.

"I think Cap knows how to compartmentalize," Evans said. "I'm not going to speak to what the film addresses but in terms of my character, I think he's slowly becoming disillusioned as he gets older. Every single movie, he learns a little bit more that the world isn't the way he wants it to be and I think that's why there's a connection between him and Black Widow."


"I think he's compartmentalized it enough to put it as lower priority than what's at hand, which is obviously Thanos," Evans concludes.

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