Captain America Fan Builds Functioning Sam Wilson Wings

One creative Captain Americadecided to make his own pair of wings like Sam Wilson in The Falcon [...]

One creative Captain Americadecided to make his own pair of wings like Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Disney+ series might have ended, but fans are still really excited about Anthony Mackie's hero picking up the mantle and the shield. Greg Enriquez knows his way around a toolshed. The young inventor dropped a wild look at these functioning wings on Instagram and his followers were left stunned. They come in and out on command and he can detach the shield from its resting place on his back. Enriquez is planning to have a tutorial on his channel at some point, so go ahead and watch his first video down below for a better look at this impressive piece of work. WETA Digital handled the VFX for the series on Disney+,. Their supervisor Charles Tait spoke to ComicBookMovie about helping Sam Wilson take flight.

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"Yeah; it was not possible really to rig the wings to do that. So it's not like one set of wings that can do all these things. That was going to be just not possible," he began. "So it was really just done by hand, honestly, in animation, taking pieces of the wing geometry, and in models, we took the wings that we had and would kind of deform them and break bits apart and try to create their shield-like shapes."

"It was a very tricky exercise, you can't have the wings bent in half. They shouldn't look like they should be able to do that, but they need to be able to do this performance and act like bulletproof shields. So it was models and animation between them," Tait continued. "The wings weren't specifically rigged, even though I think it looks like they are, it looks like it's supposed to be able to do that, but we didn't make our model able to do that in any context, it's really a per shot thing done by hand, quite painstaking really."

During the MTV Awards, the Captain America actor actually sounded thankful about being able to pull this series off.

"I was very skeptical and very surprised about the idea of a TV series, I didn't think we wouldn't be able to translate to television what we do on film," Mackie explained. "I was blown away and surprised by how well they were able to keep the amazing scope of the films in the Marvel Industry and take it to Disney+."

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