Captain Marvel Fan Points out Apparent Recycled Shot

Just noticed in Captain Marvel the Accusers' missile launch on Torfa and Earth are the exact same [...]

Just noticed in Captain Marvel the Accusers' missile launch on Torfa and Earth are the exact same shot with different lighting. Even the smoke trail simulation is the same. from r/marvelstudios

It's crazy to think that even almost a year later fans are discovering new details in Captain Marvel, though the latest revelation isn't exactly new so to speak. An eagle-eyed Marvel fan named Cilvaa on Reddit shared a recent discovery, which shows two different shots side by side. The shots are two different sequences that involve the Kree warships unleashing missiles towards a planet, and while these take place at two very different points in the movie, it seems they share much more in common than initially thought. In fact, they are almost exactly the same, aside from a few minor tweaks, but the core part of the shot does not change, so it looks like this sequence was mostly just reused.

The first sequence is when the Accusers fire a missile at the planet Torfa, which occurs after Yon-Rogg's team (including Vers at the time) heads to a secret meeting that turns out to be a trap by Skrulls. As you can see in the video below, the sequence shows the doors opening up and all the various smoke, sirens, and lights that come with a missile launch followed by the missile heading towards Torfa.

The second sequence is from later in the film when Captain Marvel is defending Earth, and as you can see the sequence is almost exactly the same. Now, there are some minor differences, like the footage being brighter overall, a darker color palette on the ship itself, and a quicker opening of the door, and of course, the background is different when the missIle actually heads towards the planet, as one is Torfa and the other is Earth.

Everything else is pretty much the same though, and you can take a look at both side by side above.

It would appear that the sequence was tweaked and just reused, which makes sense from a budgetary standpoint. Still, here's hoping they don't have to do that sort of thing in the upcoming sequel.

We don't know much about the sequel, other than the fact that it's coming and that Brie Larson will once again reprise her role. One of the biggest questions surrounding it is when it will take place, as there are still plenty of questions regarding the Skrulls and what happened to them in between the time of Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, where they pop up again. You could either explore the next chapter of their story in the past and fill in more blanks or you could move things to the present post Endgame, and there are benefits to both, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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