Marvel Studios Artist Reveals Thoughts on the Skrulls' MCU Appearance in Captain Marvel

Before all of the Fox and Disney chatter, Marvel fans were surprised when they learned Captain [...]

Before all of the Fox and Disney chatter, Marvel fans were surprised when they learned Captain Marvel would loosely adapt the popular Avengers comic storyline of "The Kree-Skrull War."

The Skrulls have yet to appear on screen and many assumed they were licensed to 20th Century Fox under their Fantastic Four deal. But they'll make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and artist Andy Park will help bring them to life.

Park, who works as Marvel Studios' Visual Development Supervisor, designs concept art for various films in the pipeline, including the upcoming Captain Marvel. When asked by what is important when bringing the Skrulls to the big screen, Park revealed his thoughts.

"I can't speak to what we've actually done, 'cause I'm not allowed to say, but as a fan, the Skrulls, when you think of Skrulls what do you think of?" said Park. "You think of green skin, pointy ears, weird striation chin, and purple. I think that's what I would want to see. You know? But that's kind of like what you think of when you think of Skrulls."

When pointing out the concept art that appeared during Marvel Studios' Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, Park couldn't even confirm if that was the Skrulls' final design for Captain Marvel.

"I wish I could say stuff, but all I could say is the Skrulls and Captain Marvel, they're in good hands, and Marvel, with their track record, Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck as the directors, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, it's gonna be good," Park said. "I've been working on it for the past half a year, and it's ... I'm totally excited. It's awesome, and the artists that I'm working with, they're like the best in the business."

Park also spoke about the hundreds of different designs he helped create for the Dark Elves in Thor: The Dark World before finally settling on the finished version, so expect to see some different changes to the characters when they finally appear. Maybe Park will open up more once the movie is in theaters.

Captain Marvel premieres in theaters on March 6, 2019.