Marvel Fans Are Flipping Out Over Brie Larson And Don Cheadle's Twitter Exchange

The Marvel family is getting riled up after an exchange between Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson [...]

The Marvel family is getting riled up after an exchange between Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson and War Machine actor Don Cheadle. They don't seem to be teasing any sort of Marvel Cinematic Universe stories or movies but it doesn't take much to get fans excited when the MCU is on a hiatus from releasing new content (July's Spider-Man: Far From Home is the last title until May's Black Widow). Cheadle and Larson joked about sharing a similar pose in a photo which has made its way online, with Larson ultimately complimenting Cheadle before the exchange came to an end.

Cheadle shared a photo of himself and Larson, cropped to exclude everyone else, and tagged Larson in the caption. "Why you be copying?" Cheadle jokingly asked Larson.

Check out the first tweet that started the exchange from Cheadle below.

Larson was quick to respond.

"That's easy," she said. "I wanna be more like you!"

Check out Larson's reply tweet below.

Of course, fans of Marvel Comics are starting to imagine a scenario where a certain romance is brought to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after seeing this photo and exchange. For a short time in the books, Captain Marvel and War Machine were romantically involved. Whether or not that story is coming to the movies is unknown but that isn't stopping any fans from getting excited.

Some fans straight up pulled the panels from the books and shared them in their own responses to the tweets.

For example, here is Drew Yari's tweet...

And there's more...

This should come as no surprise seeing as a simple couple of words between the characters in Avengers: Endgame started a whole ship. It will be interesting to see if Carol Danvers and James Rhodes end up in a relationship at all, let alone with each other. Neither character has established any romantic history yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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