Captain Marvel Yamaha Motorcycle Is Beyond Sweet

There are many ways to display your Captain Marvel fandom, but Yamaha and Marvel are offering fans [...]

There are many ways to display your Captain Marvel fandom, but Yamaha and Marvel are offering fans one of the coolest ways in the form of a new partnership. Yamaha and Marvel recently revealed The Yamaha Initiative, a project that will bring three new motorcycles to market, each based on a specific Marvel hero. The line includes Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Captain America, but you know why we're really here. The Captain Marvel motorcycle looks incredible, and features the red, blue, and gold color scheme and works in her Hala star logo, and the Avengers logo, and you can check it out below (via Captain Marvel News).

The 250cc motorcycle looks slick, and while we don't know a price just yet, we do have the official description from Yamaha, which you can see below (translated from Portuguese).

"The Yamaha Initiative | Marvel was born as a secret project centuries ago, with a single goal: to create special bikes for extraordinary people.

Over the years, our Secret Research and Development Center in Brazil, decided to rescue this project and give life to the first three models that inherited characteristics from other planets.

Make 250 | Captain Marvel - graphics inspired by the uniform of the famous interplanetary warrior, worthy of those who have the courage to face any battle."

You can also find the official description for the Black Panther and Captain America motorcycles below.

"Make 250 | Black Panther - a machine inspired by the emblematic leader of Wakanda.

Lander 250 | Captain America - Inspired by the iconic uniform of the first Avenger, bringing to the streets and roads his ideals of freedom, courage and loyalty.

More than a launch, the Yamaha Initiative | Marvel is a call. For you who know that the time has come to make your story."

Now all we need is a Goose themed sidecar, but I don't know if that would be a huge seller. It should be though because it would be awesome. Just throwing that out there.

Will you be picking up a Captain Marvel Yamaha motorcycle? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things Captain Marvel with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!