Daredevil Star Starting Character's Entire Comics Run From Beginning in Prep of MCU Future

The Daredevil series on Netflix may have been cancelled (along with the rest of the Defenders shows), but some of its characters are getting a second chance on the screen. Vincent D'Onofrio reprised his Kingpin role in Marvel Studios' Hawkeye series. Then Daredevil himself, played again by Charlie Cox, appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Some of these Defenders characters are finally returning to the screen, and Cox has been spending some serious time preparing for his second go-round as the devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Speaking to ComicBook.com during a recent interview, Cox revealed that he has started reading through Daredevil's entire comic history from the very beginning, something he hasn't done since he was first cast as the character. 

"I've been doing other stuff, I've been working on my kids, but about a month ago, I re-upped my Marvel Unlimited account. And I started reading the comics from the beginning again, which I haven't done since we started the show all those years ago," Cox told us.

"And it's funny, I'm rereading the Joe Quesada, Kevin Smith, the Guardian Devil from '98. And it's funny, I haven't read it since I read it before we started shooting the show. And it's funny reading it now, I'm recognizing so many moments that we kind of took," he continued. "Because right at the beginning of that series, there is a confessional that is almost how we started our show. And at the time I hadn't read it enough to put the two together, but like he's in a confessional basically saying similar lines to what I said in that booth at the beginning of episode one, season one. So it's really fun to reread it and to be able to kind of identify little moments that were kind of little Easter eggs, the ones I was unaware of at the time."

Cox is ready to return as Daredevil whenever he's called upon, and thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home we know he's a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What we don't yet know, however, is when he will appear next. The She-Hulk series seems like a logical place for Matt Murdock to show up, given that they're both lawyers living in New York.


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