'Daredevil Season 3 NYCC Panel & Footage Description


Daredevil season 3 is coming red hot into New York Comic-Con, as the early trailers and marketing have promised that this third season will truly be something remarkable.

The panel opens with Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb, who teased that we will see something we've never seen before. We started off with an awesome new sizzle reel of Marvel Netflix Universe, using footage from the latest seasons of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Punisher - and ending with a quick tease of Daredevil Season 3 footage.

Loeb takes time to thank the fans for making that Marvel Netflix sizzle reel possible.

New showrunner Erik Oleson is brought out first, then new cast members Jay Ali (Agent Nadeem), Joanne Whalley (Sister Maggie), Wilson Bethel ("Dex" or maybe "Bullseye???) - as well as returning cast members Elden Henson (Foggy), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Vincent D'Onofrio (Wilson Fisk) and Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock / Daredevil).

Loeb starts off by revealing that Charlie Cox got married last week, and introduces his wife, Sam Thomas, who is in the crowd. Unfortunately there's not time for a honeymoon, as Cox and Henson are going on an international promotional tour for Daredevil right after this.

The first question Loeb asks is where Cox is as the season begins - and what his relationship with Sister Maggie is all about. Cox jokes about all the messed up things that have happened to Matt Murdock in season 1, 2, and The Defenders, and says by the start of season 3, Matt is at his lowest point yet. He praises Whalley and the energy she brought to the role and set, and is excited to show fans that story.

Whalley confesses to being a fish out of water who never read a comic and understands nothing about Comic-Con. She says she thought the experience would be "a bit dodgy," but has truly been surprised by how great and talented here castmates and crew are.

Loeb presents new footage:

The clips sees Matt Murdock laid out in the convent, with Sister Maggie attending to his wounds. Maggie and Matt's conversation hints at his past being raised in the convent, and she confirms she knows he's Daredevil. She asks if he faked his blindness, and at first Matt is sarcastic with her, but then confesses to how his powers work, when she asks if she's being unfair. Matt seems to think he's done being Daredevil, as he's def in one ear and injured in key places, but Maggie assures him he'll be on his feet again - even if "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen" is done. When his wounds are dressed, Sister Maggie hints that when Matt is more healed, he must go.

Olsen describes the orverarching themes of season 3 - both telling an intimate character story, and a metaphorical one about "narcissistic tyrants who use fear to divide." And how friendship, faith, and bravery can conquer those forces. He teases how even side stories for Karen and Foggy are crucial this season, adding themes like the importance of the free press and social justice through the law. A second clip is shown at Foggy's family's butcher shop, as Karen has apparently heard rumor of a vigilante in a black suit operating in Hell's Kitchen, and is convinced Matt is back in action. However, Karen can't convince Foggy, who at first tells her Matt is "gone" until he says outright that Matt is "dead" when Karen pushes him. Karen storms out, and Foggy's family is left shaking their heads. Woll says for Karen, holding on to that hope of Matt being alive as a way of staying out of a spiral into an abyss.

Jay Ali's Agent Nadeem is revealed as being the FBI agent who's put in charge of Wilson Fisk. A clip is shown where Nadeem is meeting with Fisk in prison, but his skeptical that Fisk will respond to him. Fisk stares at the man and asks if he has anyone in his life he loves and would do anything for. Nadeem thinks it's a threat - but actually, Fisk is referring to Vanessa, and the scene ends with him saying "I want to make a deal." Ali jokes that things go very well for Nadeem by taking that deal. However, it seems like they will not. D'Onofrio describes Fisk's power to see a "disease" in people that he can stoke, in order to get what he wants: Vanessa. He then references the "gnat" who is constantly bothering him.

Cox takes the gnat comment in stride, praising D'Onofrio and his return, which helps elevate his own game.

Next, Loeb teases that we need to see some action, and asks Olsen if he has any to share. Olsen states that he wanted to have sequences with real consequences; wanted Daredevil to lose some fights; and boasts that he has topped the Marvel Netflix "Hallway Fight Sequence" tradition. He reveals that the crew had to stop filming for a whole day, just to rehearse.

...Instead, Loeb shares a different scene, in which Matt Murdock surprises Marvel Netlfix shady lawyer Ben Donovan in his car, to get info on Wilson Fisk and how he cut a deal with the FBI. Donovan reveals that Vanessa is the reason, but Matt is interrupted as FBI agents come onto the scene. Matt then uses a combination of stealth and combat to take down the agents and get away.

A second scene is show in which Nadeem is transporting Fisk via SUV convoy, but the convoy is ambushed by Albanian hitmen looking for payback. The scene is shown from Fisk's POV, as the truck has flipped, and all the FBI agents are blown away. Just when it looks like Fisk is dead, "Dex" appears and takes down every assailant with precision and brutality. A full trailer of his character is shown, and Loeb and Bethel confirm: This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Bullseye!

WATCH: The Daredevil Season 3 Bullseye Trailer HERE!

Charlie Cox immediately drew the Bullseye target on Bethel's forehead, while Loeb called it the "worst kept secret at Marvel." Olsen describes how he wanted this to be a full origin story for a character as iconic as Bullseye, weighing the light and dark of Dex until he ultimately slides into the abyss. Bethel teases that Dex's mind and backstory gets "weird," and Olsen adds that Marvel let them really delve deep into creating their version of the character.

In between Bethel getting teased about how ridiculous he looks with the target on his head, D'Onofrio teases how the Kingpin gets into Dex's head to help push him towards Bullseye, describing the intensity that he and Bethel managed to create, and the "100% effort" they put in. When it's revealed that Nadeem and Dex are friends, Ali jokes that his character "will have a lot to answer for," between aiding Kingpin, and helping create Bullseye.

The Q&A revealed how the Fisk voice was created; the awesome scripts and story Olsen has for season 3; the epic hallway fight of this season; and Karen's revelatory backstory. We also get the usual "Are the Defenders Coming Back?" and "When will the Marvel Netflix characters be in the MCU?" which ended badly with a belligerent fan pestering Loeb.

We ended with two final surprises, which Loeb unveiled: A Daredevil Bullseye fight!


The sequence takes place in the New York Bulletin newsroom, as Foggy enters to meet Karen, only to find all the reporters slaughtered. "Daredevil" is standing over one of the bodies, and when he sees Foggy, he tosses a billy club aimed right at Foggy's heart. The club is caught by the real Matt Murodck at the last second, and after sizing each other up, Matt asks the impostor "Who are you?" to which Dex/Bullseye responds, "Daredevil." The two brawl all over the newsroom; Whenever Matt is up close, he gains the upper hand; whenever there's any distance, Bullseye picks him apart using whatever office supplies are in reach. A cat-and-mouse game of hide and seek results in some crazy Bullseye trick shots that keep knocking Matt around; finally Murdock uses a false target or two to get in close, and goes for the KO. He almost wins, but Bullseye reaches nearby pair of scissors, which he tosses into Matt's collarbone. Matt goes down and Bullseye drops a supply shelf on him and knocks him out with a brutal boot to the face. We're left with sirens int the distance while Bullseye stands triumphantly - with nothing standing between him, Karen, Foggy, and the rest of the reporters hiding in a back office. It doesn't look good, folks...

Daredevil season 3 premieres on Netflix starting on October 19th.