'Deadpool 2' Star Zazie Beetz Speaks on Stuntwoman's Death

While filming the sequel to the blockbuster X-Men film Deadpool, the production suffered a tragic loss when Joi Harris passed away while filming a scene.

Harris, a road racer who rose to prominence for being the first African American woman in the field, passed away while doing a motorcycle stunt as the double for Zazie Beetz' character Domino.

The Deadpool 2 actor recently spoke about Harris' passing in an interview with EW, revealing some insight into that day of filming.

"It was her first day on set and nobody really knows what happened," said Beetz. "People were very, very affected by it — especially the stunt team, whom I'd worked a lot with. They were very upset by it because they want to protect the people that they're working with. And in this case, that didn't happen. It was a really sad time."

The actor said she did not know Harris, but still she still felt strongly about honoring her legacy.

"I felt like she was part of the Domino team and story," Beetz said. "I hope people continue to remember her as someone who really pushed a lot of boundaries — being the first black woman to be professionally engaged in motorcycle racing. I hope that's her legacy."

The accident cause many people involved with the production to speak out, including people on the stunt team who claimed it was because of producers putting pressure on the coordinators.

Harris was not an experienced stunt performer, with Deadpool 2 being her first job performing stunts on camera. Investigators question whether it was a safe hazard or Harris' own inexperience performing the action required for the scene.

Unnamed sources questioned the performer's experience, but others involved with the production defended the decision to hire Harris for the job while speaking with Deadline.

"To say an unqualified person was put in this position is absolutely untrue," said the source. "She was the best candidate for the job."


Deadpool 2 premieres in theaters on May 18th.