'Deadpool 2' Concept Art Shows Off Early Look at Cable's Cybernetics

Deadpool 2 brought a beloved Marvel Comics character to the big screen, and now we have an idea of what that almost looked like.

Bill Corso, who served as a makeup artist on both Deadpool films, recently shared several photos of a 3D prop that was created for Cable's (Josh Brolin) metal arm. You can check them out below.

Here’s something Deadpool/Cable Cool! Andy Clement and his brilliant team at Creative Character Engineering spent a great deal of time and effort translating @jsmarantz awesome #cable concept art into a 3-D prop for the VFX team to use for lighting reference. This was the resulting piece, but sadly didn’t seem to meet with the VFX team’s approval 🤔 Of course designs continue to evolve through shooting and well into Post Production but I for one thought this was really neat. To the best of my knowledge it wasn’t used. As you can see it shows off our idea of the skin being more diseased looking where the two elements meet and we even thought it would be cool to incorporate some inner lighting for effect. Ultimately the red was deemed too Terminator looking so we suggested a cool, icy blue but that too was disregarded. 🤔Oh well, some ideas fly, some don’t. I’ve posted the final look at the end. What are your thoughts? And don’t be shy giving props to Andy and @cce_inc if you like- I did. #deadpool #deadpool2 #marvel #superhero #joshbrolin #prosthetics #vfx #props #art #paint #design #sculpt #print #3d #cool #mech #virus #soldier #of #the #future #teamwork @studio_aki @pepemua_fx

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As Corso explains, this 3D prop ultimately differed from what was shown in Deadpool 2, particularly with the "diseased" color of the skin and the lighting underneath the arm. But still, diehard fans of the franchise will surely appreciated seeing where things started out.

For Brolin, stepping into the role of the metal-armed rogue proved to be challenging, especially compared to his time on Avengers: Infinity War.

"Even though there's a movement coach [on Avengers: Infinity War], and Terry Notary who is a great movement coach who is really good friends with Andy Serkis and that whole thing that they did in the mo-cap thing." Brolin explained to ComicBook.com earlier this year. "That was great but I didn't have to be in great shape. There were cheat days every day. Then we got into [Deadpool 2], and I was still doing Avengers, and I remember seeing Dave Bautista in Gold's Gym and he's looked at me and he goes, 'What happened to you? What'd you do?'. Which was like the greatest compliment, the great kudos you would get!"

Thankfully, Brolin and his metal arm will hopefully be back on the big screen once again, with the actor being pretty excited about his future as Cable.

"He said, 'Rob, I'm really excited about my arc, I'm really excited about what my character goes.'" Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld told ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con. "People then go, 'What did he say?' I don't pry further. He just told me that he's really excited about X-Force and he's really excited about what his character does, and really excited about revisiting Cable, and he feels that Cable has a bigger arc. And that's what I was told, and I didn't dig any deeper, I'll take him at his word."


What do you think of this early look at Cable's metal arm in Deadpool 2? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The all-new Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut releases to 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray August 21.