Rob Liefeld Reveals Colossus Almost Had a Very Different Costume in Deadpool Movie

Rob Liefeld revealed that Colossus almost had a very different costume in Deadpool. Anyone who was looking for a more comics-accurate take on the mutant is going to be pretty excited by this new key art. The X-Men member was one of the fun moments in the first film. He provided an excellent surface for Deadpool to bounce off of. That T-Rex hands moment sets the table for the type of screwball antics waiting for the audience over the next hour and change. Still, things would have to switch up a little on the way to the big screen.

Liefeld wrote on Twitter, “This is one of the first pieces of key frame art that Tim Miller sent me. #QuarantineWatchParty #Deadpool”’s Brandon Davis talked to the Deadpool creator about a number of topics during our Quarantine Watch Party Pre-Show. (You can check that out above!) The topic of who would teaming with the Merc with a Mouth came up. Of course, everyone wants to know if Spider-Man could be one of the heroes to stand alongside him. Well, for Liefeld, the business side of things and all the red tape involved make the prospect of a Spider-Man moment kind of hard. Sony owns the rights to Spidey and it becomes a question of if the company would lend Disney the character for another film.

“See, now there you go! So, that’s great. But, my immediate reaction is that he’s a Sony property,” Liefeld said. “I know that you don’t, I know that I don’t fully understand what that interaction is. If you told me that Deadpool was going to run through the next ten minutes of a Spider-Man movie… Spider-Man and Deadpool is the biggest pairing. I just don’t understand the Sony/Disney relationship. As I understand it, it’s a movie at a time right? I always go, ‘what does Disney have?’ Sony is a different animal.”

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“Deadpool has had some fun interactions with Hulk in the comments, and I think things are always richer when they're taken from the page,” Liefeld said. “I think fans would go crazy if they saw Ruffalo’s Hulk in Deadpool. That’s been my go-to answer for the last year or so.”


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