Disney+ Preview Promo Teases Marvel, Star Wars And More

Disney+ will be here before you know it this Fall as the streaming service prepares to drain what [...]

Disney+ will be here before you know it this Fall as the streaming service prepares to drain what little is left of everyone's free time. Marvel recently put out a trailer for everything fans can expect from the service when it launches in November. Star Wars, Disney movies, National Geographic Documentary, FOX movies, and of course the Marvel Cinematic Universe films that everyone has grown to enjoy are all waiting.

Another purpose fo the tweets is to drum up interest in the pre-orders for the service before the November 12th release date. Consumers are looking at the package as pretty good deal for all that entertainment, but there is still a little ways to go before the entire thing comes into view. Even with all that uncertainty, a recent study suggested that the company will be a force to be reckoned with in the streaming wars. The study proposed up to 82 million subscribers in five years on the service as an estimate.

That number sounds absolutely unbelievable until you think about the prospect of the entire Disney vault, every Star Wars movie, Marvel Cinematic Universe entry and a host of other properties being available on-demand. Pre-orders aren't something you usually associate with a streaming service, but Disney+'s are already open to the public. Before now only D23 members and Disney movie rewards program members had the inside track to the service.

The company recently released a press release showing off what Disney+ had to offer. Those details laid out everything you would want to know before taking advantage of the new streaming service. Disneyplus.com will be the site where the pre-purchase bonanza will take place. There are monthly and annual subscription plans available at $6.99 and $69.99 respectively. With the pre-order, you get a seven-day free trial beginning on November 12th's launch day.

Disney+ will be offering more than just movies as the service is set to release more than 25 original series and ten original films. These offerings include The Mandalorian, from executive producer and writer Jon Favreau, and Lady and the Tramp, a timeless retelling of the 1955 animated classic – both available from the word go on November 12. The company will continue to roll out more content as the year progresses as well.

Users will be able to stream the service on a large number of mobile devices and TV connected gadgets at launch as well. Game consoles, streaming media players, and smart TVs are all game. Subscribers can also look forward to streaming up to four concurent programs on their devices with commercial free viewing. The entire enterprise seems like its all ready and raring to go, they just have to get it out there and get the content to the people.