EXCLUSIVE: Modern Costume Spider-Woman Comes to Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

(Photo: Disney Interactive)

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 continues to grow since its launch in March, regularly adding new characters to the roster, including characters found in the first game and some that are brand new. Add Spider-Woman, complete with her newest modern costume, to that list, as she comes to the game this week.

In this exclusive reveal video, Jessica Drew leaps onto the scene, using her charged venom blast to take down a robotic foe.

Spider-Woman was previously added to the game in her classic costume, as well.

The modern look for Spider-Woman, designed by artist Kris Anka, debuted in Spider-Woman #5 in 2015, her first new costume since her debut 37 years prior. That's a long time to wear one outfit (and doesn't count the other various Spider-Women, of which there have been many).

You can recruit Spider-Woman in her modern costume in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 starting tonight. MAA2 is a free-to-play mobile-exclusive game available on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Microsoft devices. For more information, head to the official website here.