Disney Reportedly Refutes Reports About Hawkeye Being Delayed

It looks like things might not be all gloom and doom for Hawkeye. Earlier this weekend, reports went live which suggested the Disney+ series has been delayed. The rumor originated from Murphy's Multiverse who stated Hawkeye was removed from Marvel's production schedule this year. But thanks to another source, it seems the original report is being looked at again.

As reported by Julia Alexander, the Verge writer says they have heard differently about Hawkeye. The reporter shared on Twitter that the Hawkeye report is "untrue."

"Disney contacts have vehemently denied it, calling it completely inaccurate," Alexander shared.

The writer, whose profile is locked to the public, has got fans of Hawkeye feeling better in the wake of earlier reports. The show's delay got audiences nervous about the state of Marvel's Disney+ content, but the original reports did make it clear that Hawkeye hadn't been scrapped. Rather than film in April, the report said Ms. Marvel would have started early, leaving Hawkeye to film after both She-Hulk and Moon Knight.

For now, it seems there are no official plans to delay Hawkeye, and it will remain that way until Marvel Studios or Disney releases a statement. So far, no casting announcements have been made official for Hawkeye aside from Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton. Kate Bishop is said to be part of the series, and it was rumored Hailee Steinfeld would tackle the role, but the Oscar-nominated actress has cautioned fans from getting their hopes up as she's yet to ink a deal.

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