Hawkeye: Rogers The Musical Writers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman Say They "Would Love" to Write More Marvel Music

There's been a lot of great Marvel content to come out of Hawkeye, the newest Disney+ series that follows the New York adventures of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). The first episode of Hawkey featured the debut of Rogers: The Musical, a Broadway show about the life of Steve Rogers. In the episode, Clint takes his kids to see the show, and they listen to the instant classic, "Save the City," which was written by Hairspray alums Marc Shaiman and Scott WittmanComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with Shaiman and Wittman about why Ant-Man was featured in the song despite not being present for the Battle of New York and how the people in the MCU learned about Cap's catchphrase. Since the Internet is loving the musical, we asked Shaiman and Wittman if they'd be interested in creating more music for Marvel.

"We need [fans] to get out their pens and papers and write to Marvel," Wittman replied. "Pen, pens, papers. I've never heard of such a thing," Shaiman joked. "Yeah because I think it should be, go back old school pen and paper, and say please dear Marvel Universe," Wittman added. 

"We would love it," Shaiman continued. "I mean, of course, we would love it. I mean, so would a lot of other songwriters, so we've got to get going. Yeah. I'm sure there's already probably a whole musical on TikTok already. So we would love it. And the Marvel Universe is so expansive, not to mention the multi universes. See, I actually know things now about Marvel." He added, "Oh my God. I hope there aren't other songwriting teams in other multi-universes writing this. Yeah. I mean, can you imagine?"  Wittman joked, "Who's on that program? We might have to send somebody after them." 

"Can you imagine a Ragnarok section of the musical?," Shaiman suggested. "Hela. What a perfect name, of course. Just the song about how that dear antler headpiece." He added, "There's so many things. And then the fact that Steve Rogers also takes place in the forties, so we would get to do our big USO number, and it would be phenomenal." 

Since Shaiman and Wittman are big names on Broadway, we also asked if they wrote Rogers: The Musical within the MCU canon, wondering if their names would be the ones featured on the playbills. 


"That's a really good question. There was a playbill, and I don't think we got credit. I think it's made up people," Shaiman replied. "Oh, I want to be in the MCU," Wittman added. "Yeah, we would've been alive. We would've been alive. Here, look, Louis [Shaiman's husband], of course, being the comic book nerd, he actually has it. No, it was written... Oh, well, I don't like these people. Who are they? ... Well, we're going to work on that."

The first three episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+. You can watch our full interview with Shaiman and Wittman at the top of the page.