Hugh Jackman Teases Wolverine Costume For Halloween

He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is trick or treat.

That might not be how the saying goes, but Hugh Jackman might change the slogan with a new Halloween costume in which he FINALLY wears the classic Wolverine suit.

Jackman took to social media to tease his costume choice for the festivities, including a jab at the fan reaction to when he was first cast. Check out the post below.

While the first X-Men movie was a bonafide hit both critically and commercially, some fans had their complaints. Many of them whined about Jackman's height while others wanted to see classic costumes instead of the black leather flight suits they wore.

But Jackman went on to embody the character much like Christopher Reeves as Superman, and the black leather started to become more prominent in comics such as Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's New X-Men.

Despite playing the character for more than a decade throughout nine films, Jackman never appeared in a comic book accurate costume.

There was a brief tease in the form of a cut deleted scene from 2013's The Wolverine, the first X-movie directed by James Mangold. In it, Yukio provides Logan with a case housing the classic suit, helmet and all, and the Wolverine looks none too pleased with its contents.

While some fans took this to mean that the classic suit would pop up in one of the next films, it never came into fruition.

The character's next appearance came in X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which Logan bounced from a post-apocalyptic future in which the flight suit returned to prominence and a past where leather jackets and floral prints were all the rage.


His last film as Wolverine, Logan, nearly sacrificed super heroics altogether, instead taking a bleak neo-Western approach to the character's final adventure.

Jackman's tweets remind us of a Wolverine we never got. We can only hope he bought that costume and fulfills the wish fans have wanted granted since 2000.