Why 'Black Panther' Looks Like It's Set in the Future

Black Panther, which hits theaters in just over a month, released its latest, jaw-dropping trailer [...]

Black Panther, which hits theaters in just over a month, released its latest, jaw-dropping trailer during the College Football National Championship on Monday night.

The reaction to the new footage was overwhelmingly positive, as it has been for every bit of news dropped about the film, but a ton of fans online still had one major question about the movie.

Why does Black Panther look like it's set in the future?

Spaceships, plasma guns, cloaked cars and many more futuristic devices can be found in all of these trailers, and it has fans wondering if the movie could be taking place in another time period. It's easy to see where that notion comes from, but it's simply not the case.

While the overall timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be a little muddled, that doesn't have anything to do with Black Panther, or the time in which it takes place.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The nation of Wakanda, where King T'Challa rules as the Black Panther, is located in the heart of Africa, mostly hidden from the outside world. Closing the country off from the rest of the planet has allowed the smartest minds of Wakanda to develop technology far greater than even Stark Industries or Roxxon can produce. Not to mention, Wakanda is the richest country in the world, and it's not even close. It can continue to sustain research and development for centuries on end.

The combination of advanced technology and style makes Wakanda look different than any other locale in the world, which explains the futuristic appearance.

As far as the specific timeline is concerned, the appearance of both T'Challa and Ulysses Klaw prove that the film takes place during the current events of the MCU. T'Challa took over as king in Captain America: Civil War, and he takes on those duties in Black Panther. Klaw, if you recall, appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he doesn't seem to have aged several hundred years between films.

Be sure to check out Black Panther when it hits theaters on February 16. Tickets are on sale now.