This Is What Jake Gyllenhaal Could Look Like As Marvel's Moon Knight

Moon Knight has long been a cult favorite amongst Marvel fans, and this might be the best look at what a movie version would look like.

Moon Knight has been the subject of rumors all year, both in regards to television and movies. Still, nothing has come of those just yet, but what if Jake Gyllenhaal was to take on the role? Not a bad casting right? Thanks to BossLogic we now have a glimpse of what a Gyllenhaal Moon Knight would look like, and it's quite marvelous.

BossLogic captured Gyllenhall's facial structure perfectly, and he's a dead ringer for certain interpretations of Marc Spector in the comics. As for the costume, the movie suit would likely include a more complicated design armor and line wise, seen in other costume translations like Spider-Man and Black Panther.

(Photo: BossLogic)

This is the right costume choice for the big screen though, as the black, grey, and silver color scheme will work much better in theaters than the all-white version of the costume or even the white suit and tie version.

You can see the unmasked version above and the masked version below.

(Photo: BossLogic)

Moon Knight has been rumored in the past for a Netflix series, as the next rung of street-level heroes to get their own show in the vein of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage. He was included with other heroes like Ghost Rider and Blade, but if those plans exist internally nothing has been formally announced.

If it were to happen now it would likely not happen until Disney kicks off their own streaming service. The Netflix shows are currently moving into their second seasons except for Daredevil, which will launch into its third.


Fans also lost their minds a bit when James Gunn revealed he loved Moon Knight and had a great idea for a movie. In fact, actors like Daredevil's Vincent D'Onofrio expressed interest in wanting to be a part of it if it happened, but Gunn has a full plate at the moment, so that will have to wait.

As for Gyllenhaal, he also has a full plate at the moment, with films like The Division, Wildlife, The Sisters Brothers, and Rio all in development. Still, he could probably make some room for the right project, right?