'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Slated for 2018 Release

Netflix is keeping mum on when The Punisher will drop, but the same can't be said for Jessica Jones' next season. Krysten Ritter isn't staying quiet about her character's comeback, and the actress dropped a big hint about when the series will return to Netflix.

Over on Twitter, Ritter shared the first poster of Jessica Jones' second season. The star tweeted the pre-New York Comic Con gift to her fans, and Ritter added a telling caption to it.

"Jessica Jones 2," Ritter wrote. "Coming in 2018."

So, there you have it. Hell's Kitchen toughest investigator will be returning to Netflix next year.

Fans are glad to hear Ritter will reprise Jessica sooner rather than later, and buzz for the second season has been growing. Audiences started to clamor over the series right after it debuted in November 2015, and it didn't take long for Marvel TV to renew it for a second season. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told fans the new season would have to wait until The Defenders aired, and the ensemble miniseries debuted back in August. Jessica Jones' season two filmed back-to-back with The Defenders, so the new season has been wrapped for a good while now.


Jessica Jones isn't the only series slated to get a new season. Daredevil will get a third season soon enough, but Luke Cage is the show on Netlix's radar right now. Filming has already started on the show's second season, so fans may get a double-whammy of Defenders goodness next year if Luke Cage Season Two also makes its debut.

When it comes to Jessica Jones, there is little known about the show's second season. Fans did get a little heads up about the show this year when Mike Colter shared what Ritter had told him of the comeback. Speaking to fans at the C2E2 conference, Colter revealed he spoke with Ritter about her role and the show's new tone. Colter said the actress will go to dark places when Jessica Jones returns with MCU Exchange reporting the actor told fans the second season is being described as "dark and heavy."

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