'Jessica Jones': Krysten Ritter on Kilgrave's Return, Possible Luke Cage Cameo

With the second season of Jessica Jones set to premiere on Netflix tomorrow, star Krysten Ritter is starting to open up about the Marvel Television series' return.

Just don't ask her about Kilgrave.

Ritter spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about the new slate of episodes but refused to go into detail about the nature of the creepy villain's return.

"I literally just got a memo that I'm not allowed to talk about it," said Ritter. "Top secret! But I can say that he's back, and I can also say that it's probably not a good thing. Stay tuned."

While we already know that David Tenant will be returning as the villain from Season 1 (despite, you know, being dead), there's much less info about Mike Colter making a potential cameo as Luke Cage. After debuting in the first season, the actor went on to headline his own series before the two reunited in The Defenders.

Both seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had an overlap in production schedules, and fans recently learned the latter would premiere on the streaming platform in June.

"We're such close friends, and we both love Luke and Jessica together," said Ritter. "Who knows what's going to happen down the line? For now, Jessica Jones is focused on Jessica."

Ritter explained that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg wanted to dig deep into why Jessica is so deeply flawed, what drives her motivations, and how she got the abilities she considers a curse.

"The main goal for myself and [Rosenberg] and the writers was to go deeper," Ritter said. "I wanted to explore Jessica's past and find out when she became so dark. When did she become so colorless? And why? Why is she like this? We need more. We need more information. Shit was fucked up way before Kilgrave. There's a lot to mine there, and even in the original source material: Alias, by Brian Michael Bendis."

And even though the show is the first proper followup to The Defenders, Ritter stressed that the show won't build off of the superhero team's fight against the Hand.


"With Jessica Jones, we're focused on the psychology of Jessica Jones," Ritter said. "That's what we're showing. Some obviously very heavy subject matter. With The Defenders, we're dealing with a big, fun, action-packed ensemble. This show has a completely different DNA."

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix tomorrow, March 8th, in celebration of International Women's Day.