Jessica Jones Secondary Characters To Play Larger Role In Season 2

(Photo: Marvel)

Jessica Jones' supporting cast will get a bigger spotlight next season. Speaking to Nerdist, Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg talked about the challenges of focusing on other characters besides Jones in the Netflix series. "That's the trick of a show called Jessica Jones," Rosenberg said. "If she's not in the scene, it's not a guarantee that scene will end up in the final picture."

However, the first season of the hit Marvel show laid the groundwork for other characters to have a spotlight in upcoming seasons. "You have to earn secondary character stories. You have to flesh them out enough so they can eventually carry stories of their own, which is very much what season one was about." Now that characters like Trish Walker and Will Simpson are more fleshed out, Rosenberg hoped to give Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter a day off during filming next season. That's probably a good thing, as Ritter will be filming the next season of Jessica Jones back to back with the upcoming Defenders TV series.

Rosenberg also mentioned that Jones will have to deal with the aftermath of her final encounter with Kilgrave, which may put Jones in an even more precarious mental state than last season.

Jessica Jones will resume filming later this year, although no release date has been given for the new season.

(via Nerdist)