Kevin Feige Reveals How Sony Partnership Has Changed Spider-Man

When Spider-Man returns to theaters next summer, fans will see a different iteration of the character than they’re used to. The new vigilante will be web-swinging in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a blessing from Sony Picture, so the hero will exist in a world where the likes of Iron Man and Captain American exist. The difference will bring Spider-Man one step closer towards comic book canon, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige says the change is a welcome one.

In a recent interview with Variety, the president of Marvel Studios talked about the company’s work with Sony Pictures and described how the partnership will change Spider-Man.

“It [Spider-Man: Homecoming] takes place inside the cinematic universe that we have built across 14 films,” Feige explained. “In the previous films, Spider-Man was the only superhero who existed in that world.”

“In the comic books, Spider-Man always existed in a world where the Avengers existed, and Iron Man existed, and the Hulk would run through the streets, and Captain America had been thawed out of the ice. In the film, he’s a young kid who has to be home at curfew so his Aunt May doesn’t get worried, and go to school, and do his homework. That’s in contrast to Tony Stark’s life or Stephen Strange’s.”

Of course, fans already got a taste of how well Spider-Man gets along with other MCU heroes. In Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man was recruited to Iron Man’s team after Tony Stark requested his help, but even members of Team Cap were charmed by the wry vigilante. Even if he won’t admit it, Sam Wilson was a little awed by the wall-crawling hero.

Moving forward, fans can expect Spider-Man to continue working alongside MCU legends. Higher-ups at Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have made it clear that their relationship is always evolving. Sony’s Tom Rothman commented on the partnership with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year and said the company was willing to work with Marvel in the future.

He told the site, “It’s been fantastic, our relationship with Marvel....Sony has the ultimate authority,” he clarified, “but we have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they’re doing.”

spiderman homecoming

With Tom Holland contracted for three Spider-Man movies, there are plenty of chances to Sony to exercise their creative muscles with Marvel guiding the way. And, if fans are lucky, then they might just get to see Spider-Man take a leading role with the MCU’s Phase IV rolls around.


Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters on July 7, 2017.

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