Kevin Feige Says Marvel's Spider-Man Loves Every Minute of Being a Hero

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Don't expect an emo dance party in any future Spider-Man movies now that Marvel has creative control. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said his excitement and enthusiasm is what will make him stand out, not just from other takes on the character, but from the other more seasoned (and serious) heroes around him.

"His presence in Civil War was meant to be the counterpoint," Feige explained to Deadline. "The other heroes have a lot of history together. They have a lot of angst, they have a lot of geopolitical issues that they're dealing with, and it's heavy. This kid basically feels like he hit the jackpot. The most famous man in the world, Tony Stark, asks him to go to Germany and participate with the Avengers and he loves every minute of it."

That feeling, and the sense of excitement, is something he says will be expanded on in the future.

"That's fun. That's who Spider-Man is, and we can and will do much more of this in Spider-Man: Homecoming. You saw it in the comics; he constantly talks... That's Spider-Man to us. That's what we love," Feige said.


He also praised Tom Holland and his similarities that he shares with Peter Parker in that enthusiasm, and his chemistry with the seasoned Robert Downey, Jr. His youth is part of "what makes him so different," and Feige is confident in Holland's abilities all around.

Spider-Man makes his debut in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War in theaters now, and will return for Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 7, 2017.