Kevin Smith Gives Full Captain America: Civil War Review

Kevin Smith Civil War
(Photo: Fat Man On Batman)

As he did for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Director, and comic enthusiast Kevin Smith, along with his Co-Host Marc Bernardin, released a new Fat Man On Batman review of Captain America: Civil War.

Smith didn't take long though to start heaping praise upon the Russo Brothers directed film and compared it to some pretty lofty competition.

"Smith: I went on Twitter and I said this is, uh, the greatest comic book film ever made or something like that, and people were like "what about The Dark Knight mannnn.

Bernardin: Because apparently you cannot like more than one thing. The Internet is a binary thing, you either like or you don't.

Smith: I put this movie shoulder to shoulder with The Dark Knight. That's high praise. I thought the Dark Knight was at the time I believe I said the Godfather 2 of comic book movies. "


Smith also applauded just how much work it took to get all the characters in place for Civil War, saying: "It's insanely well done and it's an empire built movie. You can't get there without 10 or 12 movies prior to it, which they've done expertly over at Marvel."

Smith and Bernardin also praised Tom Holland's Spider-Man portrayal, as well as Chadwick Boseman's debut as Black Panther. The podcast is pretty lengthy, so hit the video above to watch the whole thing.